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An old-aged blog, finally restyled

PinkCoffee blog has been online for years - at the beginning it was a personal diary, later it focused on travel. TamagoLab designed the new plaform and the new look&feel, to make it trendy and engaging.  



Un blog storico, finalmente rinnovato

PinkCoffee è un blog di vecchia data. Dopo anni di pubblicazione come diario personale, si è specializzato sul tema dei viaggi. TamagoLab ha curato la nuova piattaforma e la nuova veste grafica, per renderlo un progetto editoriale moderno e coinvolgente.  


EU Mission for EPA Ghana

Information portal about "Climate Change" in Ghana

During a mission to Accra, we worked with the governmental organization Environmental Protection Agency - Ghana to create a portal giving complete information, with a focus about "Climate Change".


EU Mission for CFP

On a mission, in rural communities of Pemba island!

A web/SMS platform to allow Community Forests Pemba (Zanzibar) to disseminate information about their EU funded projects - they use the website to reach the international public and SMS to interact with local farmers.


Laboratorio Riccardo Revelli

A digital library.

LABOR is a research center of the University of Torino, having a wide and always updating papers' production. We created for them a digital library, where it is possible to search and consult essays and articles.


Consorzio Artigiano Autoriparatori

Much more than a website.

This is a 100% custom platform, that the client uses to manage and interact with their members garages. We recently added a new e-learning module to provde educational materials to students. But still, the front-end perfectly works as the Organization's showcase. 


Dimensione Casa

A shared calendar for the staff

A small management system developed from scratch, to meet the client's special request: to turn into digital their old paper agenda, keeping the same graphic structure and use pattern.



Training by TamagoLab

Sharing and innovating...

“Why do you teach? Aren't you afraid to create too much competition in your own work field?”